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Vanilla Superfood Protein Muffin Recipe

Create Delicious and Nutrient-Packed Muffins with Vanilla Superfood Protein Mix


  • 2-3+ cups of Vanilla Superfood Protein Mix;
  • Alternately: You can use either the Naturally Sweetened-Unflavored Superfood Mix plus Vanilla extract to your taste preference or use the Unsweetened-Unflavored version plus Vanilla extract, and the sweetener of your choice;
  • Optional: To boost protein content, add 1 or more scoops of either P3-Paleo Pumpkin Seed Protein or P4-Peak Performance Plant Protein (use appropriate flavors);
  • Optional: If you want your muffins to rise, add 1 tablespoon of Baking Powder per cup of Superfood Mix used and mix well;
  • Optional but recommended: 1-2 shredded carrots;
  • Optional but recommended: 1-2 finely chopped, mashed, or blended bananas;
  • Options: Add more shredded coconut and/or nuts if desired;
  • Optional: Add slow-burning carbs by including ¼ cup of oats per cup of mix used (note: oats are not Paleo);


  1. Mix the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, following the steps:
    1. Add 2-3+ cups of Vanilla Superfood Protein Mix or alternate versions as mentioned;
    2. If desired, add P3 or P4 for extra protein;
    3. If rising is desired, incorporate Baking Powder;
    4. Add shredded carrots and mashed bananas for enhanced texture and flavor;
    5. For added richness, consider coconut, nuts, or oats;
    6. Mix well and add water sparingly;
    7. Gradually add water and mix until absorbed; around 1 cup of water is typically sufficient;
    8. Achieve a thick batter consistency similar to cake mix;
    9. If necessary, adjust water incrementally to achieve desired consistency;
  2. Preheat oven as necessary and follow preparation steps as outlined;
  3. Place the batter on a cookie or baking sheet;
  4. Refer to preparation videos for desired consistency;
  5. Bake as needed, ensuring optimal muffin texture;
  6. Allow muffins to cool before enjoying the delicious results!

Create delightful Vanilla Superfood Protein Muffins that are both nourishing and satisfying!

How To Make Nutritious & Delicious High Protein, Nutrient Cakes

Cake: Make the World’s Most Super-Nutritious & Delicious High-Protein, Nutrient-Dense Cakes! (Not only is Cake made with our mixes nutrient-dense, it’s also just plain dense. There’s nothing light or fluffy about them. They are a meal!)

“Let them eat cake.”

Marie Antoinette’s naive statement regarding what the peasants should eat would not have been taken the way it was if they had had Superfood High-Protein Cake.

Making Superfood Cakes is very similar to making Superfood Bread.

  • Use whatever size & shape cake pan you’d like your final product to be and mix up enough to fill it appropriately. The baking time will be quite a bit longer than for a bar, bite, brownie or cookie due to the increased thickness. We recommend using smaller cake pans for best results due to the high density;
  • Be sure to use butter, oil, or cooking spray on the pan surfaces to keep it from sticking
  • When making cake in a cake pan you really have to bake it, dehydration won’t work well due to the sides of the bake pan which interfere with air flow
  • If you do want to dehydrate rather than bake, you’ll need to place the batter in a flattened mound (in case you want to make a multi-layer cake);
  • If dehydrating, we recommend 118 degrees. It will take 4-6 hours or more depending on how large the mound is and how moist or dry you’d like the cake to be
  • If baking, we recommend approx. 300 degrees (lower will work as well and we do prefer it when time isn’t a concern. If you’d prefer a lower baking temperature, simply increase the baking time to suit the texture you’d like your finished product to be)
  • Once finished dehydrating or baking, simply allow it to cool for at least 20 minutes
  • Layer it if that’s what you’d like to do and slice it as you would any cake
  • Of course you can add frosting as with any other cake (obviously look for some healthy frosting recipes as appropriate for the flavor of cake you’re making)
  • Wrap the cake, or place it in Zip-Lock bag or seal-tight Tupperware style containers for future consumption
  • Refrigeration will help to keep the cake edible for about a week and a half whereas freezing will keep it fresh and edible for many months (although you’ll likely eat it long before that)