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Light Therapy Wrist Watch (Plus nasal attachment) | w/ Red Light 630nm

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Discover well-being with the BID – Blood Illumination Device by ARTC, a wearable light therapy tool designed for non-invasive, holistic health improvements. It optimizes blood flow, reduces symptoms like headaches and dizziness, and enhances overall wellness, employing a wrist watch style for convenience and an attachment for nasal treatment. The ideal household physiotherapy device, it’s easy to operate and perfect to carry.


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Wrist Watch style Light Therapy with Red Light!

BID – Blood Illumination Device by ARTC

Provides photobiomodulation stimulation to the blood via a wearable wrist watch style red light therapy device that also has an attachment that allows treatment of the nasal passages, mouth, or ears.

There are over 5,000 studies documenting the many benefits of light therapy, however, the FDA restricts what we can say about it and this device.

In other countries, this particular device is used to help a number of health challenges including:


  1. Light therapy is non-invasive and has no known negative side effects
  2. Studies show a 90+% positive therapeutic effect.
  3. This is a perfect household physiotherapy device, it is small in size, has an intelligent design, is easy to operate, convenient to carry.

Packing list:

  • 1 X Light Therapy Watch
  • 1 X Nose Light Therapy Accessory 1 X USB Power Cord And Plug
  • 1 X English User Manual

What clinical results have been reported using this light therapy device?

Treatment Results after 30mins demonstrate reduced red blood cell stickiness and clumping under darkfield or phase microscopy of live blood samples.

After 1 ~ 3 months treatment:
Significant reductions of the following symptoms: Headache, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, drowsiness, insomnia, numbness, memory loss, as well as other symptoms improve or disappear.

After 3 months treatment:

Blood test results show improved blood flow, blood viscosity, cholesterol, triglyceride, low density lipoprotein or other indicators move back to normal.

After 6 months and beyond (long term treatment):

Improvements in numerous diabetic markers, especially in type 2 diabetics. There appears to be improved pancreas function. Long-term use is believed to help prevent various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular incidents, stroke, sudden death & hemiplegia.

* No claims are being made, these are just examples of clinical observations and anecdotal reports from users.

How does the Light Therapy help Hypertension?
The Laser / Light Therapy Wrist Watch uses eleven 650nm low-level lights, which irradiates defined acupuncture points on the wrist (and penetrates to the blood in the radial artery, as well as an antigenic point and nasal cavity). This light energy is absorbed by cells, to stimulates protein synthesis, help to clean blood vessel waste, improve oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, accelerate blood circulation & human metabolism, reduce high blood viscosity, blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, repair damaged nasal mucous and cure rhinitis at the same time.

Through the irradiation of low-intensity light generated, it can convert optical energy into biological internal energy to regulate the internal environment of the body, reduce blood viscosity, enhance the deformability of erythrocyte and oxygen carrying capacity, improving micro-circulation, activate of various enzymes, and stimulate the adrenal cortex function, so that the glucocorticoids is increased, it reduces the of synthesis of cholesterol lipoprotein in the liver, accelerating the dissolution of triglyceride, to speed up the decomposition of lipoproteins.

What’s more, the laser watch can also irradiate the inner area of the nose using the adapter included. The inner area of the nose comprises a multitude of capillaries. The nerves in the nose are stimulated, the blood circulation in the skull is improved and in total the local articulation is thus improved. Furthermore, as a result of the stimulation, more oxygen should be made available in the brain.

By increasing the activity of fibroblasts, laser light optimizes wound healing and improves the oxygen utilization in the tissue. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, the laser pad also can be used very successfully in dermatology.

How does laser treat rhinitis?
The Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument mainly adopts the special soft laser light (650nm) which can get through the nasal mucosa of the human body. The soft laser light is providing a mild stimulation that is fully and safety absorbed by the nasal tissue of the human body. This kind of laser light has a special repair function to the nasal mucosa of the rhinitis patients. The repaired nasal mucosa could secrete antibacterial material including lysozyme as normal mucosa and restart the normal cleaning function of the swinging cilia on the nasal mucosa.

In summary, the treatment method of Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument is based on the fundamental principle of repairing and improving the body’s natural immune system. Quickly remediate the wounded surface through irradiating the surface of the damaged mucous membrane; improve the partial blood circulation around the nasal cavities and the immunological competence of the nasal mucosa membranes through irradiating the nasal mucosa, thereby playing a beneficial good role in treating allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, nasal sinusitis and the like.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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