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21 Day Shred-It Intensive Program (Shred Fat Quickly & Efficiently)


Embark on a journey to a leaner, fitter you with our 21-Day intensive program. This package, ideal for those aiming to achieve a toned and muscular physique, combines a carefully curated selection of superfood mixes, protein powders, and pumpkin seed oil, all designed to work synergistically to help you look your absolute best. Whether preparing for a special event or maintaining a fit appearance, this comprehensive program is your partner in achieving and sustaining your fitness goals.


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This includes a comprehensive program to follow along with the appropriate support products to complete a 21 Day intensive cycle. The products included are: 1 container of Superfood Protein + Complete Meal Mix; 4 containers of Superfood Macaroon Mix; 2 containers of either P3 or P4 protein powder; and a bottle of Pumpkin Seed Oil.

We’ve all had times when we’re especially motivated to look our absolute best. For many that means getting as lean & ripped as possible. Looking fit, lean, & muscular has become the new sexy for both men and women. Of course it has always been sexy but now people realize that they don’t have to be body builders to look great, in fact there’s a trend away from maximum size toward a bit slimmer, leaner, fit-looking physique.

For those of us not genetically predisposed to being that way, it takes some serious effort but it is attainable with the proper vigilance. So, whether it be looking your best for a special event or wanting to be lean & muscular all the time, this program will help you get there and stay there. All but those especially gifted will likely need to continue following some aspects of this program on an ongoing basis (or repeating the program every few months).


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