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Carrot-Raisin or Carrot-Cinnamon-Raisin Biscotti Recipe

Delicious Carrot Raisin SuperFood Biscotti Recipe

Create a delightful batch of Carrot Raisin SuperFood Biscotti using the recipe below. Discover a healthier treat with a perfect balance of flavors.


  • 2-3+ cups of SuperFood Protein Mix &/or Superfood Macaroon Mix (based on desired servings)
  • Flavor Variety: Choose from several Superfood Protein Mix flavors for diverse taste experiences
  • Texture Variation: Select one of four Superfood Macaroon Mix versions for unique flavor and texture outcomes
  • Optional Protein Boost: Enhance protein content with 1 or more scoops of P3-Paleo Pumpkin Seed Protein or P4-Peak Performance Plant Protein
  • Optional Rise Enhancement: If desired, add 1 tablespoon of Baking Powder per cup of SFM before incorporating other ingredients
  • 2-3 cups of SuperFood Mix (consider adding baking powder for desired texture)
  • Shredded Carrots: Include 1-2 shredded carrots (adjust based on your preference)
  • Raisins: Add 1 cup of raisins for a burst of natural sweetness
  • Optional Flavor: Customize by adding cinnamon to taste for a delightful Carrot-Cinnamon-Raisin flavor


  1. Superfood Mix & Ingredients: Follow the steps outlined above, utilizing the SuperFood Protein Mix &/or Superfood Macaroon Mix based on desired servings
  2. Flavor Exploration: Experiment with Superfood Protein Mix flavors for unique and flavorful results
  3. Texture Adaptation: Choose a Superfood Macaroon Mix version to achieve the desired texture and flavor in your biscuits
  4. Protein Enhancement: Boost protein content by adding 1 or more scoops of P3-Paleo Pumpkin Seed Protein or P4-Peak Performance Plant Protein
  5. Rise Adjustment: To enhance the rise of your biscuits, consider adding 1 tablespoon of Baking Powder per cup of SFM before adding other ingredients
  6. SuperFood Mix & Ingredients: Incorporate 2-3 cups of SuperFood Mix, and if desired, add baking powder for desired texture
  7. Carrot & Raisin: Introduce 1-2 shredded carrots and 1 cup of raisins to the mixture
  8. Custom Flavor: Personalize the recipe by adding cinnamon to taste for a delightful Carrot-Cinnamon-Raisin flavor
  9. Water Incorporation: Gradually add water to the mixture, carefully assessing the moisture content
  10. Moisture Check: Evaluate the moisture contributed by carrots and raisins; gradually add water, a few ounces at a time, allowing absorption
  11. Optimal Water: Generally, around 1 cup of water should suffice in most cases
  12. Thorough Mixing: Mix all components meticulously to achieve a batter-like consistency, similar to cake mix
  13. Consistency Assessment: Ensure the batter has a moderately thick texture, resembling cake mix
  14. Water Adjustment: If required, incrementally add a small amount of water (1-3 ounces); be cautious to maintain the desired batter thickness
  15. Baking Sheet Placement: Transfer the batter onto a baking or cookie sheet, and follow the general directions outlined above

How To Make Nutritious & Delicious High Protein, Nutrient Dense Biscotti

  • A biscotti is simply a double baked cookie-like treat, usually with slight variations of the ratio of flour to sugar to eggs, etc. to make it come out nice and crisp.
  • There are several ways to make Biscottis with superfood mix, and we’re still experimenting with them (since SFM has no sugar or flour, which are keys to getting the hard consistency of biscottis, it is a bit challenging to make them come out quite as hard & dry as a regular biscotti).
  • We’ve made them both with and without eggs added (typically 1-2 eggs per cup of SFM used), it works out fine either way so try both ways to determine your preference.
  • Simply follow any of the recipes given below or your own variations; spread the completed mix onto a large baking pan and shape it into a rounded, flattened loaf; use parchment paper or grease the baking tray to prevent it from sticking;
  • Bake it until done (test with a toothpick) typically 25-35 minutes; allow it to cool;
  • Slice the loaf into strips approximately 1-1.5 inches wide and lay them flat on the baking tray; you may need to re-grease the tray if not using parchment paper;
  • Bake again at the same temperature for another 15-25 minutes (being careful not to burn or overcook them);
  • Allow them to cool and they should turn out looking like a biscotti!
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