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How To Make High Protein, Super-Nutritious & Delicious Muesli

Create Superfood Muesli: The Ultimate High-Protein Nutrient-Dense Breakfast

Discover how to make the most nutritious and delicious Superfood Muesli with this simple recipe.


  • 1-2 scoops of Superfood Protein Mix or Superfood Macaroon Mix per desired serving
  • Additional P3 or P4 for extra protein boost (optional)
  • Water, juice, or almond/coconut milk (recommended)
  • Quality yogurt or kefir (optional)
  • Fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, oats, granola, etc. (for variations)


  1. Prepare the Muesli Mix:
    • Measure and place 1-2 scoops of Superfood Protein Mix or Superfood Macaroon Mix in a seal-tight container.
    • Optional: Add additional P3 or P4 for increased protein content.
  2. Add Liquid and Mix:
    • Pour water, juice, or almond/coconut milk over the mix, enough to cover it with liquid.
    • Mix the contents thoroughly to ensure even distribution of liquid.
  3. Let It Rest:
    • Cover the container and place it in a dark room at room temperature for several hours (overnight is ideal).
    • Enzymes activated by moisture, darkness, and temperature will pre-digest the mixture, enhancing its sweetness and nutrient availability.
  4. Enjoy Your Muesli:
    • In the morning, open the container and savor your Superfood Muesli.
    • The natural enzymes will have transformed it into a sweeter and easily digestible treat.
  5. Experiment with Variations:
    • For more flavors and textures, consider adding quality yogurt, kefir, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, oats, granola, or other preferred ingredients.
    • Blend or let them sit overnight for diverse taste experiences.
  6. Remember:
    • Any leftovers can be saved in the refrigerator for future meals or snacks.

Note: This Superfood Muesli recipe offers a versatile and nutrient-packed breakfast that can be customized to your taste preferences.